Sunday, April 24, 2011

TEXT LoVe MeSsAgE 2 mE

It's hard to say hello because it might be goodbye. It's hard to say

 I'm okay because sometimes I'm not. But it's easy to say I miss you coz 
 I know that I really do.

It's hard for two people to love each other when they live in two 
 different worlds. But when these two worlds collide and become one, 
 that's what you call you and I.

If you're feeling lonely and you think there is 
 nobody there to love, support, listen or show they care, just save this 
 message and every time you realize it, it will remind you that a part of 
 me is always there with you.

Roses are red, violets are blue. I am waiting to hear from a cute guy 
 like you.

They say that as long as there is one person loving you, life isn't a 
 waste. So if you lose hope and thought that life is not worth living, 
 just remember I'm here. 

Do you know that men and women are angels created with only one wing? 
 And they need to embrace each other to be able to fly... Hope you can 
 find your angel whom you can fly with forever.

They told me I could do anything if I put my mind into it. Yet no 
 matter how hard I try in all that I do, I just can't take my mind off 
My biggest reward is to see you smile, know you are 
 happy, and feel you are loved. I know life is sometimes cruel, but 
 that's why I'm here, to show you that life can be good when somebody 

I always think of you, but I always fail to know the reason why. Is 
 there something else I should know about you? But there is one thing 
 that I know is true. That life will always be sad without you.

Hatred infects the mind; love dissolves it. You dissolve my mind. 

Don't say you love me unless you really mean it cause I might do something crazy like believe it.

I'm afraid to close my eyes coz I might think of you. I'm afraid to 
 open them coz I might see you. I'm afraid to move my lips coz I might 
 speak of you. I'm afraid to listen coz I might hear my heart fall for 

I'm sorry to be smiling every time you're near. I'm 
 sorry my eyes twinkle whenever you're here. I'm sorry that cupid has 
 made his hit. I'm sorry I love you, I can't help it.

Caring for someone is easy but making someone care for you is hard. Now I keep wondering how did you make it so easy for me to care for you. 

Text me when you are sad, text me when you need someone to listen to and you can't find anyone who will. I don't care if I'm your last 
 option, I just don't want you to cry alone.

I don't want to say I miss you, though deep inside I do, coz I'm 
 afraid you might see thru and know how much fear I have of losing 
 someone like you.

If love can be avoided simply by closing our eyes, I wouldn't blink at 
 all for I don't want to let a second pass having fallen out of love with 

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