Thursday, August 19, 2010


If only 1 star wuld fall evrytime i miss u, den all d stars wuld b gon. Dnt 1da if there is no stars 2nite its ur fault cos u made me miss u alot.

If i rite ur name in d sky, d wind wil blow it away. If i rite ur name in d sea, d waves wil wash it away. So ur name has bin engraved in my heart where notn can touch.

1day u wil ask me which is mor important 2 me, ur life or me? I wil say my life u wil probably walk away 4rm me wit@ knowing dat u re my life.

Luv is nt how long u av bin 2geda, nt how much u av givn or received; nt how many times u av helpd each oda..... Its how u value each oda.

If i cud hold d rainbow, i wil rite ur name on it & pace it bak in d sky where d whole world wil c how beautiful life is wit a frend like u.

My lips wnt 2 kis u, my eyes wnt 2 c u, my hands wnt 2 touch u. Evry part of me wnts u, mayb bcos i was jos made 4 u.

Yestaday is gon. 2day is here. 2morow is near & i wil neva fear as long as u re near.

We dnt kie abat wat dey say; all dat we knw is luv. Their talk cnt influence us cos we re blind 2geda naturally. Let dem say cos its a job we av givn dem 4 no pay. While kip on increasing wat we av 4 each oda, wat dey do kips us 2geda.

Falling in luv is wen u fall asleep in my arms & wake up in my dreams.

All these tins i do 2 show how much i luv & care 4 u, kip my heart goin & beating & as u hold d key 2 my breath, theres no way i culdnt luv u.

D word HELLO mins H=How r u? E=Evrytins alrite L=Like 2 hear 4rm u L=Luv 2 c u soon O=Obviously i mis u.

Trip ova luv, u can get up. Fall in luv & fall 4eva.

If som1 ask me weda u re gud, i wil say u re nt. If dey ask weda u re gud, i wil say u re nt. Y shud i say u re gud or beta wen i knw u re d best.

I can b ur hero baby, i can kis away d pain. I wil stand by u 4eva, u can take my breath away.

Theres a nite so dat we can appreciate day; sorrow so dat we can appreciate joy; evil so dat we can appreciate gud & u so dat i can appreciate luv.

Cell fones can b irritating somtimes. U always av 2 reload, recharge now & den. Messages can b delayed. But theres 1tin i luv abat it. It connects me & u.

I find it rada amazing hw we av com 2 knw each oda & eventually bcom frends, life has its miracle & finding u is rizon enough 2 bliv.

I was neva tired of dis life & it nt gonna mata if i fall down twice cos i knw each time i fall, u wont let me hit d ground. Tnx 4 bin around.

Hearts cud only luv 4 a while, feet cud only walk 4 som miles, & clothes wont b in style/fashion but avn u as my lover is 4eva worth while.

I av seen angels in d sky, snow fall in July, & tins u cud only imagine 2 c but i av nt seen anytin swita dan u.